care instructions

     store earrings in a safe, dry place when not wearing. keep polymer clay away from moisture or extreme temperatures as heat will alter the durability of the clay & moisture will affect the metal. polymer clay has a little flexibility to them, but please do not try to bend as they will crack &/or break under too much pressure! avoid harsh chemicals as much as you can- such as perfume, hairspray, acetone, etc. to clean off any dirt or dust- just use a damp q-tip!
quality assurance
     while each piece is created with the utmost consideration, minor imperfections such as bubbling, fingerprints, indentions, slight texture, dust, etc. is normal as they are entirely hand made. each pair containing stud posts are embedded into the clay & then secured using liquid polymer clay to ensure permanent attachment- however, if this ever fails please don't hesitate to contact me!