are your earrings heavy?
     polymer clay is extremely lightweight, so even the largest pieces feel as if they are not there! one of the main reasons i started making my own clay jewelry is because i wanted large, bold pieces without the weight! contact me if you are concerned about a particular pairs weight &/or size.
are your earrings hypoallergenic?
     each pair is listed with the type of metal the findings are made from to take the guess work out of avoiding any metal allergies. i try to make them as sensitive ear friendly as possible!
what does small batch/slow made mean?
     small batch means that i make a small amount of earrings at a time. slow made means i take my time during the creating process to make sure your jewelry is up to my high standards. from hand mixing colors to get the exact one i want, to conditioning & rolling the clay, cutting out shapes, baking, maybe adding designs.. to sanding, buffing, drilling, washing, assembling, & preparing for shipment.. i don’t rush a single step to ensure you’re getting the best quality. 
can you make me a custom order?
     yes! message or email me! i absolutely love stepping outside of my own box to make your ideas come to life.
do you offer clip ons?
     no piercing, no problem! yes i do, message me for a custom order & we can create your perfect earring together.
how can i care for my earrings?
     please refer to my care instructions tab to learn all the ways you can take care of your earrings. i want you to love them forever!
do you offer wholesale?
     yes, & i would love to work with you! email meekclayco@gmail.com for any inquiries.
do you offer giftcards?
     yes, only virtual for now though! you can find the option to purchase a virtual giftcard under every collection.. or just simply search "giftcard" in the search bar. once purchased, you will receive an e-mail with a shareable code to send to your loved one.